To Our Imprisoned Members and Their Freeworld Supporters:  Please know that because of funding and staff restrictions, The Other Death Penalty Project cannot respond by mail to each letter we receive.  We have set up a system of communication with our constituency that involves outside family and friends printing out materials from this website and mailing them to their imprisoned loved ones.  We will endeavor to update this website regularly and place materials on it that will be important and useful to you in the struggle to abolish life without parole sentences.  All letters received are read by The Other Death Penalty Project volunteers, and all those requesting it are entered into our database.  An important goal for the future is to raise sufficient funds to pay for postage and hire staff, so that more direct communication with our imprisoned members will be possible. Also, as a reminder, we cannot provide legal advice of any kind.  Thank you all for your understanding.  

The Other Death Penalty Project Prisoner Organizing Kit
This is the original version of the Prisoner Organizing Kit. Please feel free to download, print, and mail to your incarcerated loved ones. A new version is in the works and will be posted as soon as it is available.
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In August 2013, The Other Death Penalty Project sent postcards to all prisoners in our database, updating them on current activities and plans for the future.  If your incarcerated loved one did not receive a postcard, you can print out the electronic version below to mail to them.

Prisoner Update Postcard Front
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Prisoner Update Postcard Back
too cruel, not unusual enough postcard b
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Here are materials we mailed in February 2014 to over 800 California LWOP prisoners, requesting their participation in a research project conducted by Marion Vannier, a research doctoral student at Oxford University in the UK.  

Letter from TODPP to California LWOP Prisoners
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TODPP Oxford Project Flyer
TODPP Oxford Project Flyer.docx
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TODPP Oxford Project Information Form
TODPP Oxford Participant Information For
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